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Pakistan Earthquake
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Pakistan Earthquake

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2005-2006 Update: Life Goes On in Pakistan

As we all know, the October earthquake diverted our attention to the Northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir. HDF continues to work and provide relief and aid to those affected by this catastrophe.

At this time HDF has adopted 1,000 families in Azad Kashmir. We are taking care of their food, shelter and healthcare needs. A safe water supply has been restored to some areas and the rest will be restored soon. The government schools have been made operational through the donations of structures from a US-based company. HDF has adopted a private school and is planning to open a computer center there. Future plans include: helping people (re)build their permanent homes and helping them to become self-sufficient through skills training and/or our micro-credit program.

However, for the people who are in need in the other areas of Pakistan, those needs have not gone away because of the earthquake. What has been happening in those other areas while most of the world’s attention has been focused on the earthquake areas?

We are happy to say that progress was made in all our existing projects. HDF has served over 1,000,000 individuals directly or through partnership with other institutions—and this figure does not include the earthquake affected people.

HDF has been able to achieve this with help from its generous donors. Because of their generous support, HDF has made substantial progress towards its goals of providing education, maintaining people’s health and helping them move toward self-sufficiency.

The total number of primary schools running under HDF has gone up to 206 and the total number of students at these schools has exceeded 7,000. We have also opened 5 secondary schools.

Almost 3,000 adults also benefit from HDF’s educational programs. Our Adult Literacy Courses are designed for uneducated adults looking to improve their lives. Over 900 adults also improved their careers with HDF’s teacher-training programs.

Advancements were also made in the health sector. Over 33,000 patients have been treated by HDF’s trained health staff, and 8,000 women received pre and postnatal medical care. HDF is making a special effort to improve general health of its target population with regular immunization, vaccination, family planning and health checks.

HDF has also implemented a school health program which is a new concept in Pakistan. A team consisting of a doctor, a lady health visitor and a dispenser visits schools and not only examines children but also teaches them some basic concepts about health and hygiene.

One major concern in rural Pakistan is clean drinking water. To achieve this HDF has installed hand pumps in several communities.

One of our major efforts in 2006 will be to build earthquake-resistant schools in our project areas all over Pakistan. This will be a huge undertaking, and we will need support. If you are interested in donating for this, please call the office.

Human Development Foundation owes its success to its donors. Your continuous support means continuous improvement in the living conditions of underprivileged people in Pakistan. Please donate generously, your donations provide hope for a better future for these people.

For a more detailed year in review, please see the latest Project Pakistan report.

Date/Time Last Modified: 2/6/2006 7:22:18 PM

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