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Helps me renew my spirit to improve myself and others
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Helps me evaluate my progress, success & failures
Once the Prophet (peace be upon him) passed by a camel who was so emaciated that his belly seemed to have disappeared. He said, “Fear God regarding the animals, who cannot (even) speak. Ride on them (only) while they are healthy, and eat of them (only) when they are healthy.” [Abu Dawud]

Special Registration & Muslims

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Special Registration
Deadline For Pakistanis: March 21, 2003 [Deadline Extended] (Download info in Urdu)
Citizens or Nationals of Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Eritrea, Lebanon, Morocco, North Korea, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen must register at a designated INS Office by January 10, 2003.
New Groups Added for Call-In registration NEW
DOJ Adds 5 Countries To “Special Registration” List
Listing Of Designated INS Interviewing Offices For Special Registration
Register for Selective Service System
Additional Steps That Must be Taken
Q&A About "Call-In" Special Registration
Office-by-Office Summary of How INS Is Handling Call-In Special Registration
Questions Asked of Special Registrants

Help Services Provided by Pakistani Organizations and Others
FAPA Seeks Feedback on INS Interviews
Pre-registration Immigration Clinic
NCPA Launches Toll Free Line for Help on Registration
Open Letter From Ambassador Of Pakistan
BBC Urdu Site on INS

Latest News
Foreign students fear INS is targeting them NEW
INS Registration Deadlines Extended NEW
INS counts 7 million immigrants living in U.S. illegally
INS Extends Its Foreign Student Deadline
Explanation of INS rules adds to fears
INS Detains 69 Foreigners in Super Bowl Sweep
U.S. Gives Extension for INS Registration
INS database worries colleges
INS Registration Deadline Provokes Fear
Pakistanis wonder how they can be U.S. allies yet face special immigration rules
Special registration process must be reviewed - Amnesty Int.
Pakistan Embassy has been working on the following lines regarding the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS)
Elected Officials Call For Suspension Of INS Registration
Civil Rights Groups File Lawsuit against Government over Mass Arrests in LA
Muslims say detentions could hurt INS effort
Mass LA Muslim arrests condemned
Calif. Muslims Detained in Crowded, Cold Centers
Pakistan objects to being added to INS tracking list
Important announcement on USDOJ registration of Pakistanis

The Tragedy
Case Examples Under Special Registration NEW
The Story of Pakistani Deportees
Our Growing Community
The Dilemma of Pakistani Émigrés
Pakistani family narrates immigrants' plight

Extending Helping Hand
Start up a welcoming committee for new immigrants in your community


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